Getting pre-approved for a mortgage

A crucial step before buying a home is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Being pre-approved makes you a stronger candidate when you find your dream home and are ready to make an offer. At the buyer consultation, we can discuss the types of loans, down payments, and how the pre-approval process works. We always recommend going with a local lender. This enables you to establish a relationship with a local contact, which can be vital as the date of closing draws near and critical tasks must be completed. Conversely, using a lender found on the internet, at best, all you have is an 800 number to call if problems arise.

We have several experienced mortgage professionals that we regularly recommend. These lenders offer a wide variety of loan options and competitive rates:

Prime Lending
Chad Trease or Shawn Chappell

First State Bank Mortgage
Barry Priest

Mortgage Lenders of America
Stephen Fennell

When you are ready to get started, just call, click or text.