Negotiating the Best Deal

The Fleet team is always focused on achieving the best deal for our clients which can include a combination of sales price, contract terms, date of closing, repairs to be made, etc. When a written offer is received from a potential buyer, we will help you review the proposed contract and ensure you understand all of the terms being offered. We will ensure the proposed buyer is financially capable of completing the transaction. At this point, you have three options: accept the contract as is, accept it with changes (a counteroffer), or reject it. Once both the buyer(s) and seller(s) have signed the contract, it becomes legally binding.

From that date the contract is signed until the date of closing (the date the property ownership is legally transferred to the buyer), the Fleet team will oversee numerous important tasks. We will be your advocate to ensure all requirements are successfully completed including the buyer’s loan approval, inspection(s), mortgage appraisal, negotiating repairs, etc. Our role is to protect your interests and ensure your sale closes on time.

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