Opting for new home construction

Whether to buy an existing home or have one built is yet another decision to make during the home-buying process. If you decide to go with new construction, the Fleet team can be powerful advocate to advise and represent you in negotiating the best terms with the home builder. Below are some basic pointers to consider with New Construction.

Selecting a builder
Our area enjoys a variety of home builders from large production companies to custom home builders. Due diligence is essential to ensure the builder provides quality workmanship and has the financial stability to still be in business for any future warranty work. We can help you evaluate your options by providing valuable information about the builders in this area with models that meet your home search criteria.

The builder representative and your real estate agent
Most builder’s employ a representative whose job is to sell you a home using the builder’s contract which is different from a standard real estate contract. The representative will provide a wide range of information regarding the neighborhood, building restrictions, roads and easements, available upgrades, inspections, warranties, rebates, etc.; but their role is to get the best deal for the builder. Our role is to protect your interests. We are knowledgeable in new-home construction and can help you understand the process and your options. For example, most builders will not negotiate on the home’s sale price, but your deal can be improved by negotiating builder upgrades to be included in the price. We will explain your options and help negotiate the best deal for you.

A word about new construction pricing
While there are always exceptions, most builders require a deposit when a purchase agreement is signed. They also require that the buyer pay for any upgrades prior to closing. If you back out prior to closing, unless the agreement states otherwise, you will lose that money. As your advocate, we will explain critical details like this so that you are fully informed of the contract terms before you sign.

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